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Save Your Money with Online Savings Account

Only the valued customers of a bank can get high yield savings accounts. However, this is not the case with online savings accounts, in which anybody could have high yield saving, only, with some extra fret.

An online savings account is very convenient to use. With an online savings account, you will be able to fund at any time. It just requires 15 minutes to start an online savings account.

High-Interest Rates

In general, online savings account offers high-interest rates. The reason behind high-interest rates is that: the Internet allows you to link your accounts and manage transfers easily when compared to traditional banking. In general, very little restrictions are required for online savings accounts.

High Yield Savings Account

Most of the online savings accounts do not charge any service fees or force you to maintain any minimum balance. In addition, with just $1 as your initial, you can open a high yield savings account. From this, you can link your high yield savings account to your existing checking account and other transactions.

It is very simple; you can move your money back and forth with the very best online savings accounts.

Another thing is that a Money Market Fund Account with checks and a debit card, for example, can supplement a Capital One High Yield Savings Account more. You can have better access to your money with just a $100 minimum as compared with having only a free checking account.

Higher Annual Percentage Yield

You can get higher Annual Percentage Yield (AYP) with an online savings account. Therefore, it is an efficient method for getting more earnings. Few online savings accounts even offer an automatic savings plan or additional products and services, which allow you to purchase something online, pay your bills, or get a mortgage, etc.

Drawbacks of Online Savings Account

  • An online savings account could hold you back since some of them impose a prolonged hold time on deposits, which could even extend for a period of 10 long days.
  • Another demerit of online saving account is that you need to wait for a longer period for clearing of checks and you definitely cannot ask for cashier’s checks when you actually need to.
  • Another thing is that you might find it difficult for spending your money except that you have a Money Market Fund Account and this account may still not work to your advantage because the checkbook offered by it needs a minimum amount of $500.
  • Yet, another big drawback of online savings account is that it may have a bad customer service, which may not be backed by FDIC security insurance, or it may experience technical problems that could leave you without any money for your emergency requirements.